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About Marie Vermette Renowned florist for over 25 years
Authentic and bold Marie Vermette and her team offer tied bouquets and floral arrangements that are unique, delightful and a quality of high-end flowers. With a human dimension approach, Marie Vermette offers a customized and personalized service to its customers. Florist Marie Vermette is a trend-setting boutique that has been making its mark for more than 25 years.

Martin V.

Marie was able to compose a Valentine's Day bouquet so extraordinary that by offering it to my darling, she was the one who asked me to marry her.

Mélanie F.

Marie and her team immediately understood our vision, our needs. All these floral elements that dazzled. The decoration of the room was noticed by the beauty and the development of the flowers. We are more than satisfied.

Valérie P.

I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from my co-workers. Your bouquet is now dried, but it remains the magnificent witness of the support received from my colleagues at the time of my departure. Thank you.

Delicate and appreciated attention

Nothing better than beautiful flowers to express your emotions of gratitude, love, support, or just to please someone who is dear to you. Because the nature, by the beauty and the poetry of the flowers, can make miracles every day.

Tailored made and customized services

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