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Customer service

Customer service is essential and at the heart of all actions at Fleuriste Marie Vermette.

We want every bouquet of flowers and each of our floral arrangements to be exceptional and add sparkle to the lives of our customers.

We value preferences, customer needs. We make floral arrangements in the rules of art and the highest quality. Clients are supported in all stages of planning, selection, preparation and ultimately, presentation.

Several varieties of flowers, arrangements, materials and floral decoration are available.

Our suppliers here and elsewhere, allow us to offer the best possible flower quality and the best variety possible according to the season. In order to offer the best quality of flowers, the most resplendent and the freshest, the available flowers may vary. This brings a willingness to variety and new opportunities throughout the year. Learn seasonal flavors. You will be delighted. We want each bouquet of flowers and each of our floral arrangements to have the longest possible life.

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    We customers have been warmly recommending us for over 25 years.

     Here are some testimonials from our customers

    “We asked Marie Vermette to decorate the church, the reception hall and put in place floral arrangements everywhere during our wedding. But when I saw my wife walking towards me with this bouquet we had chosen, I fell moved, under the spell. It was a magical, magical moment of our marriage.”
    – Justin W., Montreal, married since 2008

    Sitting more than 40 hours a week at my workstation, I sometimes want to give me a simple pleasure. Marie prepares me a resplendent bouquet while remaining discreet, with this way that is all personal. These hours spent working near these bouquets fill me with happiness. Waiting for flowers? Not for me.”

    – Monique V., Montreal, client since 2002

    I have known Marie Vermette for several years and each time we worked together, the bouquets that were provided to us created emotions and cheers. These bouquets regularly emphasize efforts and thanks. They are up to our expectations, and we are still planning to work with Marie and her team for many more years!”

    – Robert. T., Montreal, client since 2004