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Something special is coming soon?

Prepare your event with flowers and layouts that will revive your eyes.

In front of a display full of colors and varieties, we hesitate and ask for advice … with good reason!

A good florist takes into account your tastes and goes for some suggestions to highlight what you have chosen. He will also note what you want to do with these flowers: do you want to offer them? What is the purpose of the bouquet? Will they serve the decoration? What is the particular event to highlight? Will they enhance a special dinner?

With Marie Vermette, everything will be taken into account to set up the best floral arrangement to meet all the criteria with the best quality of flowers on the market. This is the art of making a successful floral arrangement. European inspiration is present at Marie Vermette and the bouquets are a special feature that brings a breath of fresh air in the floral arrangements here. Dare to try it!

Marie Vermette and her team will help you determine what the best options are for you, considering the varieties of flowers available or accessible by special order, to suit your preferences, your needs, your budget and the schedule.